Employees benefits & rewards

Incahoot’s employee benefits solution helps enable employers to both attract and retain their staff in this multi-generational, mindful, digital and highly personalised age.

Consumer loyalty & increased revenues

Incahoot’s money saving portal enables brands to attract and retain customers. It also enables businesses to further monetise their customer base thanks to our revenue share model.

Charities & 3rd sector organisations

Incahoot’s money saving portal enables charities to increase engagement with, and further monetise their donor databases thanks to our partnership and revenue share model.

Housing Association residents rewards

Incahoot’s money saving portal enables HA’s to both help and reward their residents. It also enables them to further monetise their customer base thanks to our revenue share model

Integrated, modular and responsive solutions

Our web based solution is:

  • Fully responsive to any device
  • Highly modular allowing you to pick and choose which products, services and functionality you want
  • Single sign on enabled to integrate easily into our clients systems
  • White label enabled to allow client branding if desired
  • Fully compliant with respect to data protection and PCI DSS
  • Simple and easy to use

Incahoot – Shaping the future of employee and consumer benefits and rewards!


There are now 5 generations at work, and our workforces are more diverse than ever before.

Therefore communcations need to be highly targeted and clear.

At Incahoot we agree a communications plan with our clients, ensuring our clients retain control whilst we do all the work.

We will combine emails, newsletters, posters, leaflets and onsite events to ensure that all key messages are well communicated.

We can also incorporate any client messages for staff or customers in our emails and newsletters.

Incahoot have developed some unique value added services to our website offering. The Shopping calculator allows users to work out how much they can save by using the Incahoot website for just a few minutes. The Concierge service is available for users who do not have the time or the knowledge to work out for themselves how much they can save. By sending in to Incahoot all of their details on energy, insurance, phones, etc., Incahoot will work out the best deal for them and help them through the switching process. Finally, users can define what services they are interested in and receive tailored email updates that are relevant to them. The website is fully responsive to mobile devices and Incahoot are seeing circa 75% of all visits on handheld devices.

Incahoot offer a wide range of salary sacrifice products and services including childcare, cycle to work, mobile phones, computers, parking and healthcare. We partner with the best service providers in the UK to ensure our clients get the service they deserve.

Utility savings – Incahoot offer a range of market leading price comparison services and best value deals across a wide range of household bill items e.g. energy, insurance, travel, broadband, home phone and mobile phones. In all cases we partner with market leading providers to deliver these services. High street shopping – Incahoot offers discounts and cashbacks at over 1,600 retail stores across the UK, with savings ranging from 2-25%. These savings are in the form of vouchers, reloadable gift cards and online discounts. We also have a Daily Deals section offering great savings.

See what options we could offer to your employees today.

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